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Payment gateway is a facility that is utilized to course credit transactions on every occasion you receive online orders from your clients. Today’s generation delivers all the facilities related to payment gateway only. This payment gateway integration helps to keep payment processors humble with different banks. In the present age, ecommerce and online shopping is cumulating at remarkable level in reality at exponential degrees.

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That’s why; there is a need that your web store should be combined via payment gateway with the product account. The subject is to acquire the payment before you ship.

Only for once, you need to go for the procedure of payment gateway integration your online business develops obtainable to operators universal 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The process of visiting shopping cart acceptable to order the product easily but it required an ending that’s payment gateway.

This could be possible only through credit and/or debit cards on the websites. It may provide the popular form of payment deliverance. It provide you an integration with most popular payment gateways to do this just as the service you are exhausting and then respite of the effort on us, it take care of the inform with most popular payment gateways and their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Our service

A well-known eCommerce development company – Venkotech is an excellent payment-gateway integration facility for protected and consistent business transactions.

As emerging websites and marketing products and/or services online have become supreme, businesses are looking for to eCommerce setting. Any commercial deprived of online recompense choice misplaces vast customer base. Payment gateway integration is an unavoidable slice of eCommerce spot.

Deprived of payment gateway, no one can reflect of getting or creating online transactions and improving the business internationally. A safe payment-gateway integration facility is provided by us that increases your business attendance online with broader worldwide grasp and upsurges your profit possible. – We as a group of professional in payment gateway integration delivers a diversity of payment gateways to eCommerce store. Through possible skill in e-store elucidations, we are talented of holding online transactions over the greatest dependable and safe gateways such as Paypal, Google checkout, 2Checkout, LinkPoint, Authorize.Net, First Data etc. and much more.

Our established expertise in amalgamation and provision service authorizes us to deliver practical and protected eCommerce platform for clienteles to demand and make outlays.

Technical skill

Our professional group of eCommerce programmers has profound information about dissimilar payment gateways and mechanical skill in the succeeding:

  • AJAX, jQuery
  • C#, Visual Studio
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • .Net framework
  • Microsoft SQL server, MySQL
  • Paypal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, LinkPoint, Authorize.Net
  • Credit Card API and validation